Future Fuel Costs

What is the cost of fuel going to be next week, next month, next year and into the future?  Which occurrences in the past have caused major short term changes in the price of fuel and what has caused the longer term increases.  Are there choices that you can make to dramatically reduce the risk of future increases?

>Why Natural Gas

Why CNG?

Fleet Operators

As a business owner or fleet operator you are naturally very interested in the prospect of saving OVER 40% of the amount you currently spend on transportation fuel.  You are finding more and more companies are achieving these savings by using Compressed Natural Gas, CNG, while at the same time reducing their risk in depending on foreign oil and reducing the pollution they are putting into the air.  You are also very busy operating your business or fleet and are concerned about the time that will be required to understand the options, make informed decisions, and manage all the details in converting your fleet to CNG.

We understand that you don’t want a PhD in high pressure gas compression technology.  What you want is the most economical and reliable fleet possible now and into the future.  Our sales and technical staff here at CNGo will be happy to answer all your questions and help you every step of the way in achieving these goals.  Please feel free to continue browsing through our web site and Contact Us with any CNG questions.  We make the process of converting your vehicle fleet to compressed natural gas simple and effective.

We are a one stop shop for switching your vehicles to compressed natural gas and are committed to the best outcome for you business whether you operate 5 or 500 vehicles.

> Why Natural Gas

CNG News & Highlights

  • State and Federal Governments are Promoting the Use of Compressed Natural Gas.
  • The Big Three Car companies All announce plans for Natural Gas Vehicles.
  • Honda now selling their CNG Civic in all 50 States.